10 Ways to Handle Moving Stress When moving to a New House

10 Ways to Handle Moving Stress When moving to a New House Oct 31, 2019 10 Ways to Handle Moving Stress When moving to a New House Admin 559 view(s)

The initial days of moving are filled with excitement as you gather packing supplies and prepare yourself to adjust to the new place. The difficulty arrives when you think the task of packing will take hours when you thought it would take ten minutes. 

Finally, when the moving day comes, the heavy lifting and last-minute tasks can get you sweaty and stressful. And when you think everything is don and relax, you will come across a few boxes and realize things are still yet to be done like kids and pets that need your attention. 
So how to make the move less difficult and enjoyable? There are certain things that you can do to make your move a positive experience for you and your family. 
1. Give Yourself Enough Time

Time is not your best friend when moving. At times house move may be a sudden incident that forces you to move at the last moment. So you should plan your move eight weeks prior. This can help you decide whether you need a removalist or not. So that everything can be done without any stress. 

2. Time to Get Organized

It’s best to make a list of tasks to stay organized that you need to perform. Divide these tasks into days, weeks to complete every task on time. 

3. Clear the Clutter

Start by getting rid-off of the extra items so you can be well-organized. It will save you time and effort by packing things that you need. And believe us nothing is more frustrating than packing things that you want to get rid of post your move.  

4. Ask for Moving Help

It’s difficult to ask for help but usually, people have gone through the moving process once in their life. This makes it easy for them to understand how hard the process can be. So in short, reach out to your family and friends to get help with sorting, packing and moving. And if you are going for an interstate move, this is a great time to spend some time with your family. 

5. Bid Farewell

Give yourself time to say bye to your close ones. Conduct a party for them and invite your neighborhood. You should feel the memories to relive the moments. This will make your transition stress-free and enjoy your limited time at the old place. 

6. Start Treating Yourself

During the stressful moving time, you may neglect your needs and health. We recommend you to not pack your belongings by staying sleepless and eating only junk food as you don’t have the time to cook. This might affect your health and needs. It may seem like you are being efficient and saving your time but on the contrary, you are missing on the important thing- your health. So get enough sleep, focus on a balanced diet and avoid having too much coffee.

If you have a pet and children then treat them well. Plan a day-out to ice-cream plan or playground. This will need your patience and time.
7. Go with the Flow

The moving process can go wrong even if you are the most organized. So you need to stay alert for unplanned events and allow some breathing room to tackle these problems. Afterward, you can go to your task timeline to make sure everything is done on time.

8. Have an Alternative Plan

It’s always better to have an option plan to ensure your moving process is seamless. Also, keep a list of back-up removalist of everything does not fall into places. You should keep an alternative plan like having your friends and truck available if your company doesn’t show up. 

9. Stay Ready to Feel Alienated

There are high chances that you may feel difficult to adjust in the first few days at your new place. Give yourself and your family their own time. You need to start with accepting the fact that moving will incur some stress but you need to acknowledge that feeling. It’s completely normal to stay upset when you won’t find some of your belongings. All you need to do is stay organized and on track of your unpacking process. 

10. Begin with Small Tasks

Start tacking by smaller things first. If you begin picking up smaller tasks first, you will incur less stress during the move. These small things will eventually end up completing a big task. So rather than worrying about how you will pack and ship your belonging to the new location, just start getting things done one by one to get the work done on time seamlessly. 

Keeping these tips can help relieve moving stress. You can either hand of a few major tasks to a reputed moving company or hire them if you have the budget. Not hiring a reputed and trustworthy moving company can bring more stress so take quotes from at least three companies to get started in the first place.

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