5 Common Moving Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

5 Common Moving Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) Feb 04, 2020 5 Common Moving Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) Admin 544 view(s)

5 Common Moving Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Moving home is often a huge job, which usually leads to a lot of procrastination. Whether you’re moving to a 4-bedroom home interstate or moving to a cozy studio apartment across town, it can be stressful and expensive.

After decades of moving experience, here are the top 5 common moving mistakes people make, and how to avoid them. 

1. Not Making A Moving Plan

Moving home can often seem overwhelming with so much to do in such a short time. The secret to moving success is creating a plan. Book your removalists as far in advance as possible to lock in the cheapest rate. Also, start packing weeks before your move so that you have time to sort through everything, and carefully pack your fragile items. 

Don’t forget to notify organisations about your move and new address as soon as possible.  

2. Hiring The Cheapest Removalists

It’s crucial to research removalists before choosing the right one for you. The moving company you select can be the difference between a stress-free move or a nightmare. 

While it might make sense to hire the company solely based on the cheapest quote, doing so can end up being a lot more expensive. More often than not, there are hidden charges. They include being overcharged for packing materials and hourly rates, along with your belongings held in the truck. Cheap removalists often outsource the work to inexperienced movers, which may lead to damaged or lost property. 

Look around to find the best Gold Coast removalists, and ask your friends, family, and work colleagues for a reference. Also, check out online reviews, and look for removalists who have a strong reputation and years of moving experience. 

3. Moving With Unneeded Items

When packing, it may seem the easiest and fastest way to just stuff everything you own into boxes. But, in the long run, it’s only going to cause unnecessary stress, and add a significant additional expense to your move. 

Moving costs are calculated based on the weight and size of your items. You could end up paying a lot more for moving expenses, for things which you don’t even want or need. 

Instead, it’s recommended to declutter your possessions and get rid of things you no longer need. Such as clothes you no longer wear books you don’t want to read, and any old technology. You can either give them away to friends or family, donate them to charity, or sell them for some extra money towards the cost of moving.

4. Not Leaving Enough Time To Properly Pack

While it may seem obvious, it’s easy to underestimate the time it takes to pack when moving home. It’s common to forget that you need to wrap and pack your fragile items carefully. As well as gather secure packing supplies and sort, pack and label all your belongings. 

5. Not Having Insurance

Before your moving day, consider looking at your home insurance policy and see if it covers your belongings while moving. Speak to an insurance agent to get a clear understanding of the coverage, and if you can buy extra coverage, if necessary.

Also, contact your removalists company to find out their liability coverage policies. Often removalists will include basic coverage, with an optional extra for comprehensive insurance. 

Being aware of your insurance policies lets you stress less and have peace of mind on moving day that if something goes wrong, you’ll be covered.

With some careful planning, you can avoid making any of the above most common moving mistakes, and ensure a stress-free move. 

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