How to Make the House Moving Easy as per Professional Melbourne Removalists

How to Make the House Moving Easy as per Professional Melbourne Removalists Jan 28, 2020 How to Make the House Moving Easy as per Professional Melbourne Removalists Admin 514 view(s)

The time you decide to move your belongings, you realize how many items you own and how often they are put into use. The thought of packing and uploading them to shift it to a new home is quite a daunting task. This is the time when you look for tips and tricks to make your house moving easier and save time. To help you in such time, we have asked our expert Mlebourne Removalist to share some tips to help people conduct their move seamlessly.

Here are top tips and tricks to help you have a stress-free transition.

1. Select your removal company early
Don’t wait for the last time to book your movers. Usually, people think they don’t need a removalist initially but at the end of their packing process, they start feeling the need for a good removalist. Try not to choose the dates when movers charge higher fees- like weekends and bank holidays.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking that comparing and selecting a removalist company in Melbourne  is easier, but it’s crucial to pick experts. Your valuable items are dependent on them, so you need to conduct proper research before hiring them. You should look at the review, get quotes and gather information like the size of the van and expertise of their team members.

2. Prepare a list
You can’t keep everything in your head unless you are a robot. There are so many things that happen in your daily life apart from your upcoming move. To stay stress-free, and manage your daily task and simultaneously prepare for the move, a  list of to-do along with timelines is a must. Start-off now even if you still have two months in your hand.

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3. Start Decluttering in Advance
Cleaning your old and unwanted items before the move can not only help you stay stress-free but also saves time and money. Cut down on extra items by donating, throwing or recycling. Remember the lesser items you have, the fewer movers you will need. This directly impacts your budget. And it also doesn’t make sense to pay for packing and transportation for things you don’t need or will eventually throw away when you will set the new home.

4. Start execution of your packing planning early
This part consumes most of your time. The packing process takes longer than what it is assumed. It is recommended to begin as soon as you fix your moving date. Once you have demarcated things that you don’t need, the best thing is to start packing them. You can start the process from your room. Starting with room by room and storing them in a box will make your life easier. Not just that label the boxes with the content inside those boxes. For example, if you label a box with “kitchen items” doesn’t make it clear what items are included in the box. Your life will become a lot easier when you don’t have to open 6 boxes marked “kitchen items” to find that open thing. Following this tip will help you in prioritizing in the unpacking process. 

A Pro tip: Don’t overpack your boxes. Of course, it’s tempting to use as few boxes as possible but it increases the risk of boxes falling apart. Not only this will damage your item but it can also hurt the person carrying it.

We would also advise you to get custom stickers or labels printed for your moving boxes by professional printing company 

5. Make a list of things that you can’t move
Some removalist doesn’t transport certain things like plants with soil, hazardous materials, and chemicals. Everything of this sort doesn’t have to go to waste but can be donated to charity. Just in case you want to take your plants, take the soil out of the pot so you can transport it in the car.

If you are packing garden equipment then make sure to clean them properly. Some gardening equipment like petrol-fuelled tools or lawnmowers needs to be emptied before transporting. If you are packing tools like knives, carefully wrap them and make a note of the content. In case you have a doubt, ask Removal Company about what they can transport and the best packaging material for them. Some companies offer additional where removalists provide packaging material for difficult items.

6. Next comes Paperwork
Keep all your important papers like house deeds, passports, and insurance papers in a single box for easy access further. Afterward, keep it at a place where they are safe. You can also create copies of important documents and save them in a USB.

You should also ensure that all your posts are getting delivered to your new home. For this, you have to set up the Royal Mail’s Redirection service. This way you can update previous addresses at other important posts at your leisure.

7. Time to organize utilities
In the chaotic time of moving, people tend to forget to take meter readings. But this is a must or rather take pictures from your phone so you can keep track of things. You can make advance register with new broadband and don’t forget electricity, gas, and water. Doing such a thing can help you pay any final bill.

8. Take Your Time to Clean
If you can arrange a cleaning day for both your new and old homes, then it can reduce your stress to another level. Making your room clean means you can start off placing your furniture once you reach the new home. Keep your cleaning supplies separately so that you don’t pack them up in the hassle of moving and then find it difficult to find.

9. Survival Day Kit
Make sure you have a moving day survival kit that contains all the essentials. These things include toiletries, bottles, phone charges, snacks, etc. This way you will have the ease to find anything that you need on these busy days.

10. Go slow
Moving is a big deal and you would want to do all the work as soon as you can. But this gets exhausting when you are tackling so many tasks at one time. We would advise you to have set realistic expectations and perform the task once you have broken them down. Unpacking is along the process, don’t try to complete it immediately. Yous should relax and take proper rest before starting with the unpacking process. 

Moving is a unique experience whether you are a frequent mover or relocating for the very first time. Following these tips can improve your moving process. You will find several Removalist companies in Melbourne but you should go with a company that has the best client reviews and reputation. 

All the best for your move!

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