How to Organize for Move? Don't Go Crazy in the Process

How to Organize for Move? Don't Go Crazy in the Process Nov 07, 2019 How to Organize for Move? Don't Go Crazy in the Process Admin 146 view(s)

Are you worried about how to conduct your upcoming move without any hassle? Well, it is an intimidating process to pack every single item and label them. Luckily there are certain ways to make your process a smooth and easy one. The foremost thing is not to procrastinate your moving process to make it feel less stressful. Also, take a deep breath and try to relax in-between the process.

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Tips Help You Out to Organize Your Move

1. Prepare a List

Jot down everything to avoid the last-minute preparation. This means that even if you pack a single box, keep a record of it. Prepare a list where you can put the content and number each box. This you can write down in a notebook or on your computer. And while you name the content inside the box, be precise in mentioning it. For example: don’t just write “kitchen” in the box rather mention “Tulip dishes” outside the box. 

2. Have Plenty of Packing Supply

The more packing boxes you can have, the easier your life will become. You will need more boxes than what you think while moving. It’s better to buy boxes from a moving company as you can return the unused packing boxes and get a refund. You can also get boxes from grocery stores and recycle leftovers. Also, keep 10 boxes apart to pack any last-minute items like bedding and cleaning supplies. 

Buy strong packing tape to pack the boxes securely. Try to use unprinted newspaper, bubble wrap and packing paper to pack belongings. You can return the unused packing supplies once the moving vehicle is packed and set to go.

3. Use Wardrobe Boxes

These boxes can be used for lightweight and bulky items like blankets, pillows, comforters, and clothes that need to be hanged. If you are hiring a removalist then cross-check the wardrobe width with them and measure your closet clothes to see how many such boxes are required. You can even use them for shoeboxes, large baskets, fabric bolt, etc. Remember not to make the box too heavy. 

4. Make Plan for Wardrobe Box Use

Ask your moving company to deliver the boxes before time so you can plan and strategize your move. In case you have taken the task of gathering all the packing material then get organized as soon as possible. Start filling your closet items like belts, shoes in shopping bags that are sturdy. This will also make it simple to get your belongings from a tall wardrobe box. You should fill the wardrobe boxes with shopping bags and place your hanging clothes. Place your items carefully to avoid the fall of the hangers. To protect your clothes add your sweater or some shirts on top of your clothes. 

5. Color Coordinate

You should choose a color for each room like orange for the kitchen and so on. Remember to place stickers on the packing boxes. Putting matching stickers can help your movers to put things at the designated destination. You can also put a big sign on the wall where movers can stake all the boxes. 

6. Keep Things at One Place

Keeping things together can help movers pack things from one place. For example, keep appliances with extension cords. You should attach the loose and small part to the item where they belong. It’s good to take a picture of a bookcase and TV cords, so it becomes easier to fit things together. 

Maintain a separate box where you can keep kitchen counter, cords, brackets, cables that are detached from any items. Use colored stickers to mark things while keeping them in the box, so it can be located easily when unpacking. 

7. Start Packing Earlier and Use Containers

Packing before your moving day can save you a lot of time. In winter, get your summer clothes packed. Plus you don’t want multiple books around your rooms in the last few days of your move. Keep your extra toothpaste and shampoo in the travel cosmetic case. 

You can use plastic grocery bags for garbage collection and waste baskets to put things inside it. You can fill your duffle bags and luggage to keep sheets, paper goods, and towels. 

8. Unite your Cleaning Supplies

You should clean your old place post moving out and keep your basic cleaning rags and supplies together. Clean before the moving day like oven, kitchen cupboards, and windows and leave the vacuuming activity to the moving day. 

9. Protect your Valued Items

Keep your expensive possessions like collections, silverware, and antiques at a safer place. If there is no space in your car, keep the item in a miscellaneous box. You should check home insurance to check how many items are covered during the house move. This way you can purchase additional insurance if required. Keep your paperwork (photos, receipts, and appraisals) in a separate file so it is easier to find them in case of loss. 
Secondly keep your school records, birth certificates, utility companies number, current bills, bank records, closing papers, maps, mover estimates, realtor and more. 

10. Personal Boxes

You can make use of bright colors for each family member. Each family member can put their items like towels, sheets, pens, travel cosmetic, and phone in one colored moving box. 

You will be living in chaos for the few days with boxes lying here and there. It may feel out of control looking at the things scattered. Obviously moving is not fun for anyone but planning can help you go a long way. Even though there is so much to do, it will be done on time. 

Also, remember it may time to adjust to new space and make it feel yours. Give the time it takes. 

And don’t forget to breathe!

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