Tips for Installing TV Antenna - The Guide

Tips for Installing TV Antenna - The Guide May 14, 2021 Tips for Installing TV Antenna - The Guide Admin 188 view(s)

Installing TV Antenna

If you have purchased an outdoor TV antenna, you can choose two options: hire a professional or do it yourself. Choosing to install the TV antenna yourself is a doubting task, particularly when doing it for the first time. 

The steps of installing a TV antenna are different. You only need to have a solid idea regarding the setup and tools to use. 

It will depend on the antenna model. However, most TV antenna installation follows the same procedure.

You need to have the necessary tools for installation purposes: power drill, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, and roofing screws. 

Find Local TV Stations 

Similar to real estate prices, that's how antenna reception has to be in location. 

First, you have to find local transmission towers locations. That allows you to know the type of antenna to choose. 

If you want to find available stations, you should generate a signal report. You will get a list of channels broadcasted in your area through UHF and VHF bands. 

Pick an Antenna

After you have known some essential details such as locations, frequency bands, and distances of a local TV station, you can now get an antenna. 

It would help if you choose between directional or omnidirectional antennas. For an outdoor TV antenna, you should pick a directional type. This type of antenna received signals in specific directions. 

Each antenna will have a reception range. It's assigned with a range depending on the design after it's tested on ideal conditions. 

Location of the antenna 

You need to find a suitable location to install your antenna. Depending on the location you use, it will bring a difference in the channels you can watch. 

The outdoor antenna is better than the inside antenna - either in the living room or attic. That's because the house structure such as attic insulation, walls, and metal roof weakens the signals. 

Prepare Your Tools 

Before you can start to install, prepare the tools you will use. Ensure your tools are in good condition before you can start to install them. 

Confirm you have all antenna parts. You can cross-reference by checking the antenna installation manual. When you ensure everything is available, that allows you to begin working. 

Mount the Antenna

You previously picked the best position to install your antenna. It's now the right time for you to start the process of installing. 

Aim at having everything prepared in advance such that the antenna is fully assembled. 

You can install the antenna on the wall, chimney, or rooftop. When mounting, ensure the mast is perfectly vertical because any deviation could cause reception issues. 

Use a compass to orient the antenna. Several TV channels have different headings. So, to ensure you have a good number of stations, aim your antenna to the middle. 

Run the Cable Down and Connect to the TV

Connect coaxial cable itself because it plays a significant role. If interfered, it causes signal loss. 

Attach coaxial at the F connector input at your television. If you are using a TV set or converter box, it's where you are supposed to install it. 

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