10 Things to know before moving to Melbourne

10 Things to know before moving to Melbourne Jul 21, 2020 10 Things to know before moving to Melbourne Admin 551 view(s)

Are you planning to move to Melbourne?

This place offers a lot of exciting opportunities and different types of lifestyles. But the major concern for you must be how to make your transition smooth.

For that, you need to understand that the place is more than barbecues, beer, ski, and surf.

Don’t get us wrong, of course, these things are plus points but there are certain essential things that are better to know beforehand. This comprehensive guide will offer all the required information and will touch everything right from wildlife to city adventure. 

1. Massive is the word for this place:

Let us warn you if you are planning to take a tour of Australia, you need an ample amount of energy and time to see the whole place. We are not even kidding. To help you get an estimate, let us start by telling you that it's almost the size of Europe. From the stats perceptive, Australia is the largest country in Oceania. It is the world’s sixth-largest country in terms of area. So even if you are travelling between Sydney and Perth, you will have to cover more distance than what you will cover while travelling between Portugal and Ukraine. Now let’s narrow down our topic and let’s talk about Melbourne in particular in our next point. 

2. Learn to adjust with volatile weather

Doesn't it feel great to sunbathe in hot sunny weather near a beach? But this place offers you less of these opportunities. As soon as you have put on sunscreen and are ready to step out, it might start drizzling. Yes, this place is unpredictable and we advise you to stay prepared always. There is a reason why there is this cliché- Melbourne has four seasons in one day. But here’s the best part, this place snows just like any other part of the country that makes it a great place to ski, but let’s not digress here. What you need to ensure here is to always keep an umbrella, sunglasses, and jacket handy. If possible, do check the weather forecast every morning. 

3. Remember AFL 

You might wonder- what is AFL and why is it important to remember it? Well, most of you might know how local people are crazy about sports, but the one thing that they go crazy about is AFL. So if you are planning to live here for a long time, then we advise you to start enjoying the game. The best way to do it is by picking a team. Usually, people pick the team based on the location they live in. Google is your friend if you wish to do some homework before randomly choosing any team because believe us asking somebody there means biased review. 

4. Get into the Practice Pronouncing hard words

This does not mean you start practising- Betty bought some bitter butter. No not at all! What this means is a simple suburb name won’t be that simple to pronounce. So it’s better to learn some lingo before you reach there. We will give you some edge by letting you know some of the suburbs:
1. You pronounce Northcote as “Northcut”

2. You pronoun Berwick and “Berrick”

So even if you think you are following all the pronunciation rules, you may not end up saying the right name. Here’s a tip, just wait for the person standing next to you to say the name of the suburbs and then repeat. 

5.  Now comes the Rent 

So if you are moving from Sydney to Melbourne, you may not experience such a hike in the rent while if you are coming from some other part of the country, you may find the charges high. To make it simple for you, you must be ready to pat somewhere around $450/week if you want a city apartment. So the first thing that you need to figure out is the place to live. If you want to settle for cheaper rent, you may not expect to live inside the city. For a lower rent, you need to move outside the city, maybe near Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane. 

6. Coffee Matters

Are you a coffee person? This place is heaven for you. You will find the best diversity and high-quality coffee here. So this place has cafes around the corner with different types of coffee on the menu. The people here really enjoy their coffee and have been credited to come up with new ideas on milk and caffeine. So save getting excited as you will soon be going to try some amazing cups of coffee. 

7. Get your Myki Card 

So how to reach these coffee houses? If you are planning to go by public transport, you will need to have your Myki card. There is no such thing as a paper ticket here. All you need to have is a Myki card and you can easily get it from any train station. 

8. Safe Parking is Must

If you are not travelling from a mode of public transport and driving your own, you need to stick to signs to avoid car tow. “Should I park here? I will quickly get my stuff”- Never let this thought cross your mind. Those few minutes are equal to a hefty amount of fine. Always park at a safe place, you never know when a parking inspector is lurking around. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

9. Don’t look for Great Beaches

We know you don’t want to hear that but Melbourne actually does not have that great beach. But there is a silver lining for people coming from Queensland and New South Wales, they will find the beaches better here. Most of the beaches are narrow, flat, and most crowded. So if you really want to have a great view, go to Wilsons Promontory. 

10. Make New Friends

The best part is you will find people here friendly. They entertain new people without hesitation. You can start a conversation with them while having your coffee. This is the best way to adjust to your new surroundings and get more information about coffee. So the next time you can taste it. So your hope to interact with more people and expand your friend circle will soon come true. 

We hope the article has made you somewhat familiar with your new surroundings. You can tell by now that it has got something for every person. So now, prepare yourself for the fluctuating weather and hard pronunciation while skipping coffee. While you are at it don’t forget to make your move seamless by hiring a reputed Moving company in Melbourne. You will come across many Melbourne Removalists options but proper research work will help you find the right one for you. You should also have Melbourne removals checklist with you before moving. 

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